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Bare Pump Sentrifugal SS316 LP ESH 65-160/D176 SNA Lowara


Merk : Lowara
Code : PO
Type : ESH 65-160/D176
Category : Centrifugal End Suction Bare Pump Only
Berat : 35 Kg
Status : Siap dalam beberapa hari

Spesifikasi produk

Daya Listrik


Daya Start Listrik


Daya Hisap

4 Meter (Max)

Daya Dorong

35 Meter (max) For 2 Poles

Debit Air

130 m3/h (max) For 2 Poles




2.5 inch


3 inch



Harga :Rp 38.380.000

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The new and improved Lowara e-SH Series is a high performance stainless steel centrifugal end-suction electropump
with single stage, axial flanged suction port, radial flanged discharge, and horizontal shaft.
The e-SH is fully made in AISI 316 stainless steel which makes it suitable for handling water as well as nonaggressive
or moderately aggressive fluids.

The pumps are equipped with intercheangeable mechanical seals, IE3 efficiency motors, and have a back pull-out
design (impeller, bracket and motor can be extracted without disconnecting the pump body from the piping).

The Lowara e-SH Series is suitable for many different applications demanding reliable and efficient products that
require constant or variable duty points in cost saving operation.
The Lowara e-SH Series can be used for the following CBS
- Liquid transfer in heating and air-conditioning
- Liquid transfer in ventilation systems.
- Liquid transfer with mildly aggressive liquids or
Water Supply
- Pressure boosting in commercial buildings.
- Irrigation systems.
- Water transfer for green houses.
Diverse OEM applications

The Lowara e-SH Series permit to achieve the following benefits.
Performances: the e-SH pumps are ErP 2015 compliant, equipped with IE3 motors and provide improved
performance vs. the current SH series of pumps. Its AISI 316 material configuration makes it ideal for pumping
mildly aggressive liquids or pumping in aggressive environment. With a standard version designed for up to PN12
pressure rating, 120 C maximum fluid temperature, and FPM elastomer, and easy maintenance, the e-SH provides
the solution to many CBS needs.
Reliability: the high quality in production, the robust construction and operation, the easily interchangeable
mechanical seals, and wear rings guarantee a continuous operation without faults and a shorter down time for
Total cost ownership: the best hydraulic and electric efficiency, the HYDROVAR -equipped versions, the easy
and quick maintenance, permit to reduce the operation and maintenance cost and to save energy when the pump
is working.
Pre-post sales support: we are continuously working close to our customers to help them in selecting the
right pump for the specific application. An improved user-friendly selection software improved with many selection
tools is available on the website, on DVD or on Apps for mobile phones. Experienced engineers are fully dedicated
to big projects for Municipality.


 Sizes DN25 to DN80.
 Wide performance range up to 110 m head and 240 m/h flow.
 Nominal pressure of 12 bar.
 Wide range of temperatures for pumped liquids: -30C to +120C.
 Wide range of materials for many different kinds of pumped liquid.
 Wide range of voltages.
 High performance IE3 motors.
 Variable speed by optional HYDROVAR drive.
 Wear rings in AISI 316L stainless steel on the front and rear shim washers of the impeller.

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